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Founded in September 2021, Fieldfare CSA is a 4 acre no-till producer of vegetables, fruits and herbs set in the walled garden and farm of Balmakewan Farm near Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire.

We want to serve the general public by providing a sustainable and affordable source of high quality produce and a means of directly reconnecting people with land, food production and those who grow the food and maintain the land.

The CSA model we have chosen to work with allows us to have direct communication with our members and gives our members a fixed price for the year.

We offer weekly pick ups of fresh produce, starting in the first week of May and running through until Christmas. 

Once May arrives, members who have signed up for the season come to the farm once a week on their chosen pick-up day. We have a pick up room at the walled garden in which the various items for that weeks Share are laid out with indications on how much to take.

Members bring their own bags/basket in which to place the items which they have selected themselves. 

We farm Biodynamically and organically which means we use no artificial chemicals at all, growing over 100 varieties of vegetables and other edibles on raised beds.  We view the CSA as a self sustaining organism, working with nature, not against it and in doing so create an environment in which the ecosystem can thrive and naturally bring itself into balance. 


The foundation of the CSA is our soil. In order to grow high quality, nutrient dense food for our CSA members we focus on restoring our soils microbiome by use of compost teas and extracts and the Biodynamic compost preparations.


Healthy soil equates to healthy plants which in turn helps promote human health.

How does Fieldfare CSA Work?

Stage 1

Sign up to the CSA by paying in advance for your membership.

Stage 2

We use the payments to purchase seeds and equipment in preparation for Spring planting.

Stage 3

Starting in May, the weekly pick-up of produce commences from the walled garden.

Stage 4

Every week members bring bags to fill with their share of the harvest, which changes with the seasons.

Stage 5

Each week throughout the season we put up recipes and suggest ideas for how to get the best out of your produce.

Biodynamic Farming

The principal of Biodynamic farming:

Biodynamic farmers and growers use no chemicals at all and view the farm as a self sustaining organism.

We work towards creating closed loop systems so that the farm is regenerating itself and the enterprises on the farm are kept in balance to sustain this.

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