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Welcome to Fieldfare CSA

A source of Organic & Biodynamically Grown Produce

Fieldfare CSA 
'Fare from the field that's fair to the people, the land and the farmer'

Fieldfare CSA is a grower of seasonal, organic and biodynamic vegetables, fruit and herbs, based in Aberdeenshire.

We aim to provide the general public with a source of sustainable, affordable and freshly picked produce. 

The produce is available through our community supported agriculture scheme, which anyone can join by subscription thus becoming a member by purchasing one, or more, Shares of produce. 

You will then be able to pick up your weekly Share of seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs from early May until Christmas.

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How does Fieldfare CSA Work?

Stage 1

Sign up to the CSA by paying in advance for your membership.

Stage 2

We use the payments to purchase seeds and equipment in preparation for Spring planting.

Stage 3

Starting in May, the weekly pick-up of produce commences from the walled garden.

Stage 4

Every week members bring bags to fill with their share of the harvest, which changes with the seasons.

Stage 5

Each week throughout the season we put up recipes and suggest ideas for how to get the best out the produce.

Cauliflower grown locally
Veg collection rom
Home grown leek

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