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The Share

For produce you can trust and experience how it's grown.


The Share we offer aims to provide a good variety of seasonal produce every week from early May to December.

We offer weekly pick ups of fresh produce, starting in the first week of May and running through until Christmas. 

Once May arrives, members who have signed up for the season come to the farm once a week on their chosen pick-up day. We have a pick up room at the walled garden in which the various items for that weeks Share are laid out with indications on how much to take.

Members bring their own bags/basket in which to place the items which they have selected themselves.

We offer a Share that changes slowly with the seasons, made up of 8-10 items each week. 

Spring sees fresh greens, lots of herbs, the fresh punch of green garlic and young crunchy root vegetables along with the sweet tang of rhubarb.

As we progress into Summer the variety and abundance of this season can truly be experienced. A bounty of produce including multiple varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, broccoli, courgettes, new potatoes and fruits stream into the share. Aubergines begin to appear along with early beetroot, carrots and onions with plums and greengages starting to ripen as we head into July. Leafy greens are in abundance and we do our best to keep up with the rampant growth! 

Heading into Autumn, sweet corn, peppers and melons make fleeting but grand appearances amongst the staples of crunchy roots, fresh greens, apples and pears.

The Winter months of November and December are composed of a backbone of fresh sweet roots, kales, leeks, cabbages and squashes.

We are often asked how long the Share will last and how many people it will support. While it's hard to answer this accurately, as people use the produce in different ways, we estimate that our Share will provide a good supply of produce for 2 people over the course of the week. Some of our members with families take 2 Shares.


Each week we provide recipes and ideas to offer some inspiration on how to get the most out of your share.

What happens after I sign up?

After completing the sign up process and you have received a confirmation of your purchase, you will receive an email in April with details of pick up dates for the year. You will also receive a subsequent weekly email once the pick ups commence with a list of produce to expect in the Share that week.

Fresh for Less


Average daily cost of produce




Average weekly cost of produce



Total cost over 34 weeks



Saving £494.70 when signing up to the CSA

Samples of Shares over the seasons

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